Truth about (most) designers

“These conventions didn’t just come out of thin air: they all started life as somebody’s bright idea. If an idea works well enough, other sites imitate it and eventually enough people have seen it in enough places that it needs no explanation. When applied well, Web conventions make life easier for users because they don’t […]

Bootstrap Modal: Closing Current and Opening New with Remote Content

I was creating Sign Up and Login Modals whereby users could toggle between them as they wish. Both of the contents are remote and they get loaded into the same modal, called #myModal. Bootstrap has a load remote content using the href like this example. However, in my project, I wanted to use the same […]

How to use Git – Guide for those who prefer GUIs

You have probably heard of Git by now. If you are unsure what Git is, let me break it down to you: Git can potentially save your life – or project – especially if you are working with someone else on the same project or prone to mucking things up. I’m not sure about you […]

Becoming a good [web/app] designer

Being a good designer is a lot like being good at math – you either have the talent or you practice, practice, practice. Learning from the best I remembered doing a lot of projects, trying to do better than the last. After about a year, it still sucked. Then something hit me. Yes, I have […]

Navigation Flowchart Template

Download file A starter template in Open Office Drawing which is a combination of wireframing mobile app + navigation flowchart/sitemap. While I mostly create mine in Illustrator, this can be useful to those who are not familiar with Adobe tools. Plus Open Office is freely available. Thoughts on improvement welcomed.

DPI calculator for Android

The DPI Calculator can be found here or copy and paste Or you can install the Chrome extension here This dpi calculator is an extension from Martin Cohen’s calculator to include xxhdpi and xxxhdpi. If you wish to donate, please do so at Martin’s site.

Quick Tips on Making Your iOS and Android App Look Different

We are still seeing a lot of Android apps that is a direct port from other platforms (namely iOS). Here are some simple ways you can design your UI so your Android apps look Android. To make it easier to see the difference, I will make side by side comparison of some of (what Android […]

Redesigning Maybank’s m2u

The current Maybank2u Android app is a direct copy from its iOS counterpart. As is, it is pretty badly designed, leaving a LOT of room for improvements – even on the iOS version, methinks. Not something you would expect from one of the top 100 banks in the world. So, I took it to myself […]

Beautifying Text-Only Lists

When it comes to designing text-only lists, designers sometimes struggle to make them not look plain. Since there are no graphics to help with the aesthetics, it’s essential to use colours/shades, spacing/padding and typography to bring out the beauty of simple lists. Background First, let’s take a look at an example of a plain looking […]